Ep 9 Arch, Building, Creative Arts and Humanities

#studyinaustralia In this Episode today, Episode 9, we’ll discuss Study Discipline information and Career options across Architecture, Building Design & Construction, Creative Arts and Humanities programs.

In this Episode we’ll give you an overview of programs in these areas, what Professional Associations are relevant to those programs upon graduation and what Career pathways and Job options are available in Australia if you stay on after your studies and access the Post Study Work Visa if you’re an international student.

Remember the program information we’ll cover is general in nature, so can vary between Universities.

But it will give you a good overview of the areas you can study in Australia and what Career or job it may lead to.

Ok, so now let’s start with Architecture, Building Design & Construction...

Architecture programs in Australia are devised in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects and Building programs developed with the Australian Institute of Building or AIB.

Specialisations available in this discipline area include:
Building Design
Building Surveying
Construction Management
Environmental Planning
Landscape Design
Interior Design
Project Management
Town Planning
and Urban and Regional Planning
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