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In this video I’m going to tell you about job opportunities and the Professional Bodies in the Welfare Services industries in Australia.
Typical job options in the Welfare Services industries are Social Worker, Aged Carer, Disability Carer, Community Welfare Officer, or Youth Worker just to name a few.
The type of qualifications required for each specific area of work start with Certificate IV in Aged Care to be able to work in Aged Care or Nursing Homes;
Certificate IV in Disability Care to be able to care for people with a disability;
Diploma in Youth Work to be able to work with Youth support organistions;
Bachelor of Social Work to be a qualified Social Worker or if you already have a degree you can also study a Master of Social Work to be qualified as a Social Worker.
The main Professional Body that represents employees in Social Work is the Australian Association of Social Workers or AASW.
Social workers act collectively and individually to contribute to society in a way that is dedicated to achieving social justice, inclusion and wellbeing.
The Australian Association of Social Workers is the professional representative body of social workers in Australia, with more than 15,000 members. It was formed as a national association in 1946 and has since supported its members through the Social Work professional developments and changes.
The AASW Code of Ethics expresses the values and responsibilities that are integral to and characterise the social work profession.
This code of ethics governs the conduct of social workers and promotes the interests of social workers in Australia.
It includes Respect for others, Social Justice and Professional integrity to name a few.
After completion of the Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work graduates are encouraged to join AASW and become part of an active and vibrant professional community of fellow members committed to maintaining high standards, ethical practice and ongoing professional development.
So how do you join?
Membership of the AASW is available to applicants holding either an AASW approved Social Work qualification from an Australian tertiary institution or qualifications from overseas that have been recognised by the AASW as comparable to an AASW approved Social Work qualification.
Graduates can apply online or via a PDF application form available on the AASW website.
There are 4 different membership levels with fees starting at $725pa, but this depends on whether you’re working and what salary you’re earning or if you’ve recently completed your qualification and wish to become a Graduate member which is $196pa. These fees are current for 2021.
There’s also a character check included in the application process.
This information is current at the time of publishing, please check the latest eligibility and application information on the AASW website at
If you’re interested to know what Social Workers are paid in Australia, the most common salary is $80,000 but there are jobs being advertised for as high as $90,000 as well, this depends on your experience level in the profession.
It’s certainly an in-demand job option at the moment with nearly 4,000 jobs currently advertised on SEEK across Australia.
For the other commonly advertised Welfare workers like Aged Carer, Disability Carer, Community Welfare Officer, or Youth Worker there aren’t specific Professional Associations for these occupations in Australia.
Generally, the academic requirements for these welfare service occupations are vocational from the VET sector, so you would need to complete a Certificate IV or Diploma at TAFE or an equivalent VET institution.
Salaries for this type of work can range between $60,000 to $70,000pa and the current job opportunities are very positive with around 2,000 to 3,000 jobs currently advertised on SEEK across Australia in these occupations.
I hope you’ve found this information on the Social Work Professional Association and job opportunities for the Community Services occupations useful.
There are many VET courses in the Community Services area and also degree programs in Human Services and Social Work. So if you’d like some help or advice on where to study please let us know.
This information we’ve compiled and presented by Study in Australia TV is not legal advice, so we recommend that you seek further information from the professional body or online job forums directly, or alternatively our team can provide general assistance for you.
Let us know if you need any help with your study choice, we’re always happy to help.
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Stay tuned for more Professional Body information for other study areas that can lead to excellent work experience in Australia.
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