Sample Questions might vary from actual questions asked.
The examiner asks the candidate about him/herself, his/her home, work or studies and
other familiar topics. .r
• What job would you like to have ten years from now? (Why?]
• How useful will English be for your future? Why/Why not?]
• How much travelling do you hope to do in the future? Why/Why not?
• How do you think your life will change in the future? [Why/Why not?]
Describe a book that you enjoyed reading because
you had to think a lot.
You should say:
what this book was
why you decided to read it
what reading this book made you think about
and explain why you enjoyed reading this book.
Discussion topics:
Children· and reading
• Example questions:
You will have to talk
about the topic for one
to two minutes. You
have one minute to
think about what you
are going to say. You
can make some notes
to help you if you wish.
What are the most popular types of children's books in your country?
What are the benefits of parents reading books to their 'children?
Should parents always let children choose the books they read?
Electronic books
Example questions:
How popular are electronic books are in your country?
What are the advantages of parents reading electronic books (compared to printed books)?
Will electronic books ever completely replace printed books in the future?

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