Study English in Australia Question and Answer Session
So, in the last few months despite the Covid19 pandemic , we have received hundreds of questions from all over the world, in this episode we will answer a selection of 97 commonly asked questions about studying and living in Australia. The accuracy of the answers are to our best knowledge at the time of publication and we encourage everyone to conduct their own thorough research for more extensive answers.

1. How can I learn English in Australia?
Six Best Ways to Improve your English in Australia are:
1. Study an English course that's packaged with a degree.
2. Make English part of your everyday life. ...
3. Learn tricks that language teachers use and that is proven by science. ...
4. Use all the resources an English course offers. ...
5. Check out to choose a course
6. Join a language group.

2. What is an English course in Australia?
ELICOS courses are offered by secondary schools, TAFE institutes, universities, private colleges and specialist English language centres. These courses are designed to help international students and visitors develop their English language skills so that they can fully participate in Australian life.

3. How much does it cost to study English in Australia?
An English course in Australia costs between $ 200 and 400 AUD per week on average, but depending on the destination city you can find them from $150 AUD per week.

4. Which is the cheapest city in Australia?
The cheapest city in Australia, in terms of cost of living, is Hobart, while the most expensive is Sydney, but it depends on where you live and what you spend your money on. Adelaide and Perth are also cheap locations to live in.

5. Can I study for free in Australia?
Australia offers a wide variety of programs to allow international students to study in Australia with a scholarship. These scholarships are competitive, realistically you wouldn’t expect education to be free these days. But some English language courses aren’t expensive on a weekly basis.

6. Which city is best for students in Australia?
The nine Best Student Cities in Australia are:
1. Melbourne. ...
2. Sydney. ...
3. Brisbane. ...
4. Adelaide. ...
5. Perth. ...
6. Gold Coast. ...
7. Canberra. ...
8. Hobart
9. Darwin

7. How can I live cheap in Australia?
Save Money on Food & Drink in Australia by:
1. Buy Cheap Produce At The Markets. ...
2. Save On Your First Order When You Sign Up With A Food Delivery Company. ...
3. Order Takeaway and Delivery From Restaurants With Deals On. ...
4. Have A BBQ On The Beach , Or A Picnic In The Park ...
5. Eat Pub Meals.
6. Share a house with friends

8. Which is the most beautiful city in Australia?
Sydney is very beautiful, It’s Modern and sophisticated. Sydney is one of the best cities for tourists to visit on a tour to Australia. With fantastic beaches and the Blue Mountains on the doorstep, you will love Sydney if you enjoy the great outdoors.

9. What is the coldest city in Australia?
Lithgow, a two-hour drive from Sydney, is Australia's coldest place making it chillier than Hobart.

10. What is the richest city in Australia?
The 25 richest suburbs in Australia are located in Sydney and Melbourne, so they share the title.
11. Where do the rich people live in Australia?
Australia’s richest people live near Sydney’s northern beaches and earn more than 10 times the income of the nation’s poorest who live in regional NSW.


97. What’s the best place online to find out about studying English in Australia?
Study English in 😊

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