Ep 8: Australian Universities

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In this Episode today, Episode 6, we’re going to concentrate on Higher Education or University study in Australia.

We’ll cover the following topics:
What kinds of qualifications does the Higher Education sector provide?
What is the organisational structure of a University?
What proportion of Universities and their campuses are located in capital cities?
How is the quality of Higher Education providers maintained?
How do you choose which University to study at?
What is “internationalisation” and why is this important to Australia’s education industry?

There are 43 Universities in Australia; 40 Australian Universities, two international Universities and one private specialty University.

Many Australian universities have overseas branch campuses, twinning arrangements and exchange programs for students and teaching staff worldwide.

Australian Universities have around 7000 agreements with Universities and similar institutions around the world.

Australian Universities have three primary roles:
• Storing knowledge
• Transferring knowledge to others
• Creating knowledge

In addition to this, Australian Universities provide consultancy services to business and industry, and are a source of advice for Government and the community in general on a range of issues and topics.

They are closely involved with their local and wider communities.

Diversity and autonomy are central features of Australian Universities.

Each University is self-governed which means it has the freedom to specify its own mission and purpose, modes of teaching and research, the make-up of their student body and the range and content of their educational programs.

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