Ep 28: The History of Australian Music Part 1


0:07 Indigenous Australian music
3:03 Folk music
5:53 Country music
8:28 Children's music
10:23 R&B and Soul music
11:06 Renee Geyer
15:03 Reggae
15:28 Rock and pop
18:08 First wave of Australian Rock
20:16 Second wave of Australian Rock
21:37 Third wave of Australian Rock
32:38 Marcia Hines
33:56 Air Supply
34:28 The Angels
35:53 Richard Clapton
36:52 Cold Chisel
38:48 John Farnham
41:13 The Seekers
42:55 Midnight Oil
45:19 Peter Allen
46:16 Paul Kelly
49:30 Dame Olivia Newton-John
51:33 Nick Cave
54:40 Helen Reddy

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