Ep 31: Health Science Professional Bodies and Career Options

Professional Bodies in the Health industries

In this video we’re going to tell you about Study programs, Job opportunities and the Professional Bodies in the Health industries in Australia. It’s such an important area to work in and many health professions are in demand.
Typical job options in the Health industries are Dentist, Doctor, Nurse, Nutritionist, Radiographer, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist and Speech Pathologist just to name a few.
This information is really important if you’re not sure which Health Science program you’d like to study.

1:41 The Medicine
6:06 Dentistry
8:57 Nursing
16:10 Pharmacy
18:34 Medical Radiation
20:05 Occupational Therapy
21:59 Dietetics
24:28 Podiatry
25:53 Speech Pathology

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