Ep 36: What it’s like to be a Chef in Australia?

Want to know more about what it’s like to be a Chef in Australia? A Chef is a professional cook, trained in all aspects of food preparation, they generally work in commercial kitchens ranging from Cafes to fine dining Restaurants. In this video we talk about how to become a Chef in Australia and what the job opportunities are like at the moment. Watch the video and learn more about studying and working as a chef in Australia.

Today we’re going to talk about what it’s like to be a Chef in Australia

A Chef is a professional cook, trained in all aspects of food preparation. They generally work in commercial kitchens; these can take on a wide variety of forms, from fine dining restaurants, to cafés, catering facilities and mobile foodtrucks. Many Chefs focus on a specific cuisine, while others choose to specialise in certain aspects of cooking, like baking or pastry making.
Some of the tasks and duties you might expect of a Chef are:
Pre-service duties include: Check the inventory and order required ingredients to match the menu. Preparation for service may include things like cleaning, cutting, marinating and pre-preparing the food.
In Service duties include: Communicate with waiting and other kitchen staff, cooking and serving food.
Post-service duties include: Clean up and ensure the cooking equipment and work environment is spotless for the next serving day.

Let’s look at how you become a Chef in Australia?

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