Ep 37: Introduction to Study and Post-Study Work Opportunities in Australia

Study in Australia TV is a new channel that provides you with valuable information about studying, living and working in Australia under the Post Study Work Visa rights after you complete your study.
Watch interesting videos on different city locations, find out why Australia is such a great study choice and better understand what it’s like to live in Australia. Plus you’ll improve your English at the same time.
At Study in Australia TV, we’ll assist you to find the best course to suit your career preference and help you with the important arrangements to commence your study in Australia.
Watch our videos and learn more about Australia before you make your choice where you’ll study.

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Why Australia?
Australia is such a great choice
Why Study in Australia TV?
Watch interesting videos on different topics
Why Study in Australia?
Australian Education is highly regarded and it’s a great place to live and learn
Who are we?
We are all about studying and living in Australia
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