Navigating Australia's New Genuine Student Requirement

Friday 22 March 2024
Australia has updated its student visa policy with the Genuine Student (GS) requirement, effective from 23 March 2024. This guide explains the GS requirement, focusing on applicants' intent to study and contribute to Australia, and outlines the assessment process, documentation, and evidence needed.
Navigating Australia's New Genuine Student Requirement
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Understanding the New Genuine Student Requirement for Australian Student Visas

Australia has introduced a significant update to its student visa requirements, transitioning from the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement to the Genuine Student (GS) requirement, effective for applications lodged from 23 March 2024. This change underscores the Australian government's commitment to attracting students who are genuinely interested in pursuing their education in Australia, with a potential pathway to contributing to the Australian community post-study. This guide will delve into the nuances of the GS requirement, providing prospective students with a comprehensive understanding of what is expected and how to navigate this new criterion effectively.

What is the Genuine Student (GS) Requirement?

The GS requirement is designed to ensure that applicants for student visas are genuine in their intention to study in Australia. This criterion is not applicable to applications lodged before 23 March 2024, which will still be assessed under the GTE requirement. The GS requirement focuses on the applicant's understanding that their primary purpose in Australia should be to study and potentially contribute to Australia's skill needs post-graduation.

Key Questions for the GS Assessment

Applicants will need to address several critical questions in their visa application, which include:

  1. Current Circumstances: Details about the applicant's ties to their family, community, employment, and economic circumstances.
  2. Reason for Choosing Australia and the Education Provider: Why the applicant wants to study their chosen course in Australia and with a specific education provider, including an understanding of the course and life in Australia.
  3. Course Benefits: How the course will benefit the applicant's future prospects.
  4. Additional Information: Any other relevant details the applicant wishes to include.

It's essential to provide concise yet comprehensive answers, limited to 150 words per question, in English.

Additional Considerations for Certain Applicants

For those who have previously held a student visa or are applying within Australia from a non-student visa, an additional question will be posed to understand their specific circumstances better.

Documentation and Evidence

To substantiate the GS application, it's crucial to attach supporting documents that provide evidence for the claims made. This includes information on previous studies, employment, and circumstances in the home country. Specifically, applicants should include:

  • Academic Records: Transcripts, certificates, and details of any prior study, especially in Australia.
  • Employment Details: Information about current employment, including employer contact details and the nature of the job.
  • Home Country Circumstances: Economic conditions, personal ties, and any reasons why studying in the home country isn't feasible.
  • Intentions in Australia: Understanding of the proposed course, education provider, living arrangements, and financial stability.

Assessment Process

The GS criterion involves a holistic assessment of the applicant's intentions, encompassing:

  • Personal Circumstances: Including ties to the home country and economic conditions.
  • Immigration History: Previous visa applications, travel history, and compliance with visa conditions.
  • Course Relevance: The alignment of the chosen course with the applicant's educational background and future career prospects.
  • Future Prospects: How the course will enhance employment opportunities in the home country or elsewhere.

For minor applicants, the intentions of their parents or legal guardians are also considered.


The shift to the GS requirement reflects Australia's nuanced approach to ensuring that international students are genuinely interested in advancing their education while offering a pathway to contribute meaningally to the Australian workforce. By providing detailed and authentic responses supported by relevant documentation, applicants can effectively demonstrate their genuine student status, paving the way for a fruitful educational experience in Australia.

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