Sample Questions might vary from actual questions asked.
Part 1
• How often do you watch television? [Why?Why not?]
• Which television channel do you usually watch? [Why?]
• Do you enjoy the advertisements on televison? [Why?Why not?]
• Do you think most programmes on television are good ? [Why?Why not?]
Part 2
Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood.
You should say :
who the person was
how your family knew this person
How often this person visited your family and explain why you remember this person.
Part 3
Discussion topics:
Example questions:
What do you think makes someone a good friend to a whole family?
Do you think we meet different kinds of friend at different stages of our lives?In what ways are these types of friend different?
How easy is it to make friends with people from a different age group?
Influence of friends
Example questions:
Do you think it is possible to be friends with someone if you never meet them in person? Is this real friendship?
What kind of influence can friends have on our lives?
How important would you say it is to have friends from different cultures?

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