Interesting Facts on Australia Series #1

1. What is Australia best known for?
Australia is famous for its fantastic beaches, laid-back lifestyle and unique outback.
2. What is Australia famous for?
Australia is famous for the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kangaroos, Koalas the Outback desert, the Great Barrier Reef, wonderful wine and Uluru previously known as Ayers Rock.
3. What is Australia’s most famous movie?
Crocodile Dundee was Australia’s most famous movie, but these days Australia is at the forefront of great film making with movies such as Red Dog, The Sapphires, Wolf Creek, and Animal Kingdom.
4. What is the best known Australian marsupial?
The best known Australian marsupials are Kangaroos and Koalas that live all over Australia.
5. What makes Australia different?
Australia is different from other countries because of it’s size, it’s geography it’s topography, it’s location and it’s weather.
6. What makes Australians different?
Australians are known for their irony, humour, friendliness and slang like the phrase ‘chuck another shrimp on the Barbie’ which means put another prawn on the BBQ.. 7. What does the word Australia mean?
The name Australia comes from the Latin word, ‘Terra Australia Incognito’, which means the Unknown Southern fascinating!
8. What are some of the native Australian plants?
Australia's geographic isolation means there are unique species of rare plants including many orchid and eucalyptus species like the Bull Kauri and Sturt Desert Pea.
9. What are the best Australian pastimes?
Australian Pastimes are often in the water, we love swimming and diving surfing, kneeboard riding, wind-sailing, kite-surfing or just spending time on the Beach with mates and friends.
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