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The ELICOS sector is a very important part of the Australian education system, particularly for international students from non-English speaking countries.

It provides international students with a wide variety of options to learn English and also enables students to progress on after improving their English to enter into other education sectors at various levels.

Because there are so many courses available, you need to be confident in selecting the right one for whatever you intend to do afterwards.

This is especially true if you want to continue studying in Australia after completing your ELICOS course.

So you might ask:
- What types of ELICOS courses are offered in Australia?
- Or what types of ELICOS courses are suitable for a student who wants to continue studying in another sector?
- What English language proficiency tests are accepted by institutions in Australia?
- What are the usual English language requirements to enter a University or VET course?
- How are the quality of ELICOS courses maintained in Australia?

So let me give you an overview of the ELICOS sector..

ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students and is an important part of the Australian Education system.

This acronym is used only in Australia and refers to the kind of English courses that are accredited by the Australian federal government for study on a Student Visa.

There are many other acronyms used to describe this kind of program.

Some examples are English as a Foreign Language or EFL, English as an Additional Language or EAL and English as a Second Language or ESL.

In 2019, there were over 170,000 international student enrolments in the ELICOS sector.

The Australian English language industry is respected globally as a world leader due to its cohesiveness and professionalism.
Public and private sector institutions work together closely within the national association and Australia’s ELICOS National Standards are the envy of the world, providing consistent standards for all providers.
The English language sector is a major contributor to Australia’s international education profile.
English language training commonly takes place in dedicated colleges or language centres.

These centres are completely focused on the needs of international students, so they have highly developed support services for their students.

English language training is often the first type of course an international student undertakes in Australia.

So, ELICOS colleges have well developed reception, orientation and accommodation placement processes to reflect this and help support students newly arrived in Australia.

ELICOS students typically come on a student visa, a tourist visa or a working holiday visa depending on their intention after the English training.

ELICOS students on a tourist visa are only permitted to study for a maximum of three months and those on working holiday visas for a
maximum of four months.

Individuals wishing to study in Australia for longer than this should apply for a student visa.

Students on a student visa must study at least 20 hours a week, this is usually offered over five days.

Student visa holders must meet the attendance requirements of their visa or risk breaching their visa conditions.

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