Ep 4: Australian Schools

In this Episode today, Episode 3, we’re going to concentrate on the Australian School system. Australian schools are either Government funded and managed or Non-Government, which I’ll refer to as Private schools. There are some important differences between Government and Private schools in Australia:

Government schools are operated by the State or Territory Government Education Department.
Private schools are not owned or operated by a State or Territory Government but are privately funded and managed and in some cases may be a religiously based school.
The fee structure between Government and Private schools are quite different.
International students usually pay higher tuition fees than domestic Australian students even for Government schools as the Government subsidises most of the fees for domestic Australian students. Marketing and enrolment of students is controlled by the government education department in that particular state or territory for Government schools. Private schools recruit students directly, so students communicate directly with Private schools in all matters regarding their enrolment. Government schools cover a variety of social and cultural philosophies. Private schools may have a particular religious or cultural philosophy, which is clearly reflected in the student experience. Government and Private schools are required to follow the same curriculum in the key learning areas across all years of schooling.
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