Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities in Australia for International Students

Thursday 30 November 2023
This article provides a comprehensive guide to the top volunteer opportunities in Australia, specifically tailored for international students. It covers a variety of options including national op shops, Council of International Students Australia (CISA), social support organizations, environmental conservation groups, event management opportunities, and more. The guide also offers insights into how volunteering can enhance language, interpersonal, and professional skills, and lists resources for finding more opportunities in different Australian states.
Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities in Australia for International Students
  1. National Op Shops: Across Australia, there are second-hand stores like RSPCA Op Shops, Red Cross, Vinnies, and Salvos Stores. These shops often need volunteers and offer a chance to develop retail, language, and interpersonal skills.

  2. Council of International Students Australia (CISA): International students can volunteer with CISA to represent and voice the needs of the student community.

  3. Social Support Volunteering: Organizations like St John Ambulance Australia and Mission Australia welcome volunteers to support health, disadvantaged communities, or homelessness issues.

  4. Orange Sky: This organization drives around in orange vans offering free laundry and showers to the homeless. Volunteers can help at their 31 services across several states, improving language and social skills.

  5. Oceans 2 Earth: For those passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation, Oceans 2 Earth offers projects from wildlife rehabilitation to marine conservation.

  6. Multicultural Australia: Based in Queensland, this organization supports multiculturalism and offers volunteering in student support, language assistance, and event organization.

  7. Events South Australia: Get event management experience by volunteering with Events South Australia, part of the South Australian Tourism Commission.

  8. Student Hubs (Gold Coast & Cairns): Student hubs provide information for international students. Volunteers can assist with various matters and find opportunities through the hubs’ Facebook pages or websites.

  9. Youth Arts & Recreation Centre: In Hobart, this center offers opportunities to organize social and creative programs for the local community, ideal for those with skills in arts, music, or social engagement.

  10. Parks and Wildlife Service: In Western Australia, volunteers can contribute to environmental conservation projects ranging from administrative tasks to science-oriented activities.

  11. DigiVol: Volunteer online with DigiVol by transcribing documents and deciphering images for scientists and conservation agencies, requiring just a computer and internet access.

  12. Your Institution: Universities and colleges often have volunteer opportunities on campus, including clubs, community services, and mentoring programs.

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