Flinders University's New City Campus Launch

Saturday 17 February 2024
Flinders University has opened a new City Campus in Adelaide's Festival Plaza, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a range of programs. The campus enhances student experiences and supports South Australia's educational and economic growth.
Flinders University's New City Campus Launch

Flinders University Unveils Cutting-Edge City Campus at Festival Plaza

Adelaide, South Australia - In a significant development for higher education, Flinders University has proudly opened its doors to the new City Campus, nestled in the vibrant heart of Festival Plaza, Adelaide. This state-of-the-art vertical campus stands as a testament to Flinders' commitment to excellence and innovation, redefining the educational landscape in South Australia.

A Hub of Innovation and Learning

The City Campus, revealed by Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling alongside South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas, emerges as Adelaide's most modern educational facility. With over 100 undergraduate, postgraduate, and honours programs, the campus is designed to foster an exceptional, student-centric learning environment.

Located at the pulse of North Terrace, the campus strategically positions students amidst Adelaide’s bustling arts, business, and technology precincts. This proximity offers unparalleled opportunities for students to engage directly with their future careers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Spread across eight floors of Festival Tower, the 11,000 m² campus boasts a custom entrance, spacious public areas, and ultra-modern learning spaces. The design emphasizes flexible teaching areas, collaborative study hubs, and advanced learning technologies, all aimed at enhancing personal interaction and face-to-face education.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Adjacent to the Central Railway Station, the City Campus ensures easy access for students across Adelaide, connecting seamlessly to Flinders University’s Bedford Park and Tonsley locations. This accessibility underscores Flinders' vision of an integrated, community-focused educational experience.

Future-Forward Vision

The City Campus is a precursor to Flinders University's ambitious expansion plans, including the launch of a $280 million Health and Medical Research Building and an $18 million advanced manufacturing accelerator. These initiatives highlight Flinders' role as a leading research university, contributing significantly to South Australia's economy and educational prowess.

A Beacon for World-Class Education

Flinders University has consistently been recognized for its unparalleled student support and innovative learning experiences. The new City Campus encapsulates this legacy, merging the benefits of Flinders’ education with the convenience of a city center location.

A Catalyst for Economic and Educational Growth

Premier Peter Malinauskas lauded the campus as a milestone for the state's higher education sector, poised to connect graduates with rewarding careers and elevate South Australia's economic productivity. Deputy Premier Dr. Susan Close echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the campus's role in creating new opportunities and pathways for students.

Student Perspectives

First-year mechanical engineering student Santiago Vargas and third-year law student Khevalin Parekh shared their excitement about the campus's facilities and digital setup. Their testimonials reflect the campus's potential to significantly enhance student life and learning experiences.

Celebrating Innovation

The campus inauguration was marked by a gala opening at Festival Plaza, attended by distinguished guests and featuring a traditional cleansing ceremony. This event underscored Flinders University's commitment to innovation, excellence, and community engagement.

Discover the Future of Education

Flinders University's City Campus at Festival Plaza is now open, inviting students to explore a world of opportunities. With its advanced facilities, strategic location, and comprehensive program offerings, the campus is set to become a cornerstone of higher education in South Australia.

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